Moritaka Ogido

Name:  Moritaka Ogido
DOB:  11/2/76
Years Skating:  17
Sponsors:  Premium Skateboards, 13Mind, Deathmix Store, Sensai Glip, Relax Skatepark
Hometown:  Sendai City
Setup:  Premium 7.625 deck, 54mm Wheels, Bones Bushings, Swiss Bearings, Randoms, and Independents (loose).
Terrain:  Anything, as long as I’m skating.
Projects:  Opening up a skatepark in the city next to where I live.
Music:  I’ll listen to anything, but I like Rock the most. I’m feeling Dinosaur Jr. lately.
Interests:  Watching DVDs and Youtube
Why Premium?  The best quality on the market and the best team/connections
Philosophy:  Continuance is power