Kousei Toyooka

Name:  Kosei Toyooka
DOB:  2/23/83
Years Skating: 10
Hometown: Nasukarasuyama-Tochigi
Sponsors:  Premium Skateboards, Blackhole Grip
Setup: 7.625 C-7 Concave, 53mm Autobahn Wheels, Indy Stage 9′s a little on the tight side
Terrain:  Skating that is not skating.
Projects:  Being on Premium and 13Mind is a huge project
Music:   Y U I
Interests:  fishing for fish and crab
Why Premium?  The boards are hard and have mad pop!, the name Premium really lives up to the boards quality, and they have 2 Japanese pros that I really look up to.
Philosophy:  To know something is a little embarrassment, but not knowing something will embarrass you forever.