Go Ueda

Name:     Go Ueda
DOB:       8/13/75
Home:     from Tokyo, lives currently in Saitama
Sponsors: Premium, OG clasixx, Redi, Csutom Trucks, Crock Wheels, Vision, Nibansenji Bearings, Coalheadwear, Horihito Horimei Tattoo.
Set Up:    8.0 Steep Concave, 53mm Crock Wheels, 139 Custom Trucks(loose!), Nibansenji Abec 7 bearings.
Stance: Regular
Terrain:    Anything. That is what skating is all about, right? No, wait. Jumping out of transitions.
Projects: I distribute Premium through my company, 13Mind. I ride for, promote, and manage Premium in Japan. I’m a busy bee, just like Max!
Music: The Music that my friends make(reggae and hip hop). Also, the soundtracks for Queen and Rocky.
Interests:  Cars man, my car looks sick!
Why Premium?  Because I love Canada and Max and Alex Gavin, and Premium, and the decks are real.
Philosophy:  Fight and Guts.